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We've got a new -- and economical -- way for you to enjoy audiobooks! Our partner is now offering a membership program that will allow you to enjoy audiobooks on your phone, computer, or tablet. At bargain prices!

How does it work? Simple: a customer gets their first audiobook for $0.99 and then pays $14.99 per month thereafter for one audiobook per month. 

You'll have access to over 70,000 titles, with superior audio quality. Do you want more than one audio book a month? You'll get 30% off additional titles. And if you don't pick up a book one month, no worries .... your credit will never expire!

So start your membership today, and get your first audiobook for just $0.99!  Ready? Click here!






We will end the month of March with Spokane author Polly Buckingham, who won the Katherine Porter Prize in Short Fiction for her book The Expense of a View. The author will join us Thursday, March 30, at 7pm. Please find out more here.

Then look out April! We'll start with Seattle cartoonist Jon Morris and his latest, The Legion of Regrettable Super Villains, a tribute to some of the wackiest -- and weird -- bad buys to show up  in comic books over the years. Morris will join us Thursday, April 6, at 7:30pm. Learn more here!

Then check out our calendar for more great April events!





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