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The Living Bird  

'Tis the Season



Join us for a very special holiday event with renowned Seattle photographer Gerrit Vyn when he gives a slide show and vocal presentation on the gorgeous new book The Living Bird: 100 Years of Listening to Nature. Vyn will be at Eagle Harbor Book Company at 3pm on Sunday, Dec. 6.

An intimate yet stunning exploration of North American species, with over 250 photographs, The Living Bird shares our joyful and complex relationship with birds. Through imagery and thoughtful essays, award-winning photographer Vyn, along with leading naturalists and bird enthusiasts, takes readers on a visual and experiential journey, revealing the essence of the century-long work done by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Author Barbara Kingsolver remembers herself as a reluctant birder until, years later, she exalts in a special birding trip with her father. Scott Weidensaul dives into the secret lives of birds: How do flocks of birds manage to migrate thousands of miles? What determines who mates with whom? And what is the purpose of all those pretty feathers and glorious melodies?

In her essay, Seattle writer Lyanda Lynn Haupt finds inspiration in our everyday birds as they connect us to the natural world. Director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology John W. Fitzpatrick considers the threats birds face today, and some of the failures and successesof the past. Jared Diamond underscores that it is in our hands to preserve the living birds around us.

For 100 years, the Ithaca, NY-based Cornell Lab of Ornithology has researched the lives of birds, educating the public and striving for protection of species and habitat. But the Lab does more than just studyit celebrates birds through song and image, and connects people to birds, opening thousands of eyes to the natural world around us.



Welcome to Eagle Harbor Book Company, holiday version. We welcome you to both our store and our website during this season of giving. We'd like to invite you to give the gift that can be opened over and over again! And we also want to help you find ways to save.

First up will be our Annual Storewide Open House on Thursday, Dec. 3, from 9am to 9pm. Books and more will be 20% off both upstairs and in our Used Book Annex below. A great opportunity to check that gift list!

Two Cyber Mondays mean you'll be able to shop online at our store website and save!

Is there such as word as "de-stress"? That's how we want holiday shopping to be! So we are opening up our store of adults who like to color -- and who might want some help with holiday gift ideas. Come to our store Dec. 10th & 17th for tranquil evenings of shopping and coloring!





A book is a gift that you can open over and over again. That is our mantra during this season of giving.

And the good folks at Helpline House believe that, too. Thus they have created a wonderful Holiday Book Nook for their client families, so local children in need can receive books to enjoy for ages.

Eagle Harbor Book Company is proud to partner with Helpline House -- and you -- to help fill that Nook with great book gifts.

How can you help? Our customers can buy and donate books at Eagle Harbor between Nov. 17 and Dec. 15, and those books will be distributed at a special Helpline House party shortly after. If you shop in store, we will have a donation basket to put your gift in. Not sure what to give? Our staff will have plenty of great book ideas for children.  Helpline volunteers will also be at the store during the season. And we are proud to once again host Bainbridge Island Brownie Girl Scouts, who will be at the store Dec. 6 to help raise awareness of the book drive. We've seen these girls in action, and they are wonderful ambassadors with great suggestions for young readers!

Can you donate from this website? Yes! Just put "Helpline House Book Nook Donation" in the comments field at checkout. We'll make sure any books go into to the gift basket.

Thank you for your help!

"A book is a dream that you hold in your hand."

-- Neil Gaiman

Please note that we will not be accepting used books in our Annex in November and December as we ready for the holiday season. We will still be open for business downstairs, and urge you to take some of your seasonal shopping down to the Annex. Our fine used books make great treasures for gift exchanges, secret santas, or special finds of books that may be out of print! All our books are in good condition, sometimes brand new! Check out our collection of signed books, too.

We will begin accepting used books again on Jan. 2, 2016! Thanks for your patience!

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