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Speculative Fiction Writing Cooperative

PENUMBRA: Speculative Fiction from the Pacific Northwest offers an eclectic mix of urban fantasy, social science fiction, “close encounters,” gothic supernatural tales, post-apocalypse stories and other speculative works which defy easy categorization.

Guest Editor Cat Rambo writes: "PENUMBRA couldn’t have come from anywhere but the Pacific Northwest, not just because of the subject matter, but because of the mindset: a willingness to entertain the wacky or strange, to accept that one’s taxidermist has been abducted by aliens, that military troops are occupying Bainbridge Island, or that an elevator can carry one sideways to find true love."

Featuring work from:

Frank Anderson • Lana Ayers • Douglas Derrer • Tantsie Eddy • Paul Hanson • Derek Jones • Dan Monk • Walker Ranson • Tamara Kaye Sellman • Carl Shipley • Steven Vincent • Chuck Walbridge • Elsa Watson • Sandi Wright • Chris Wyatt

PENUMBRA: Speculative Fiction from the Pacific Northwest
is the third effort by Tuesday Night Publishing of Bainbridge Island, WA, spotlighting speculative fiction from the Bainbridge Island community of writers.

Since 1999, members of the Speculative Fiction Writing Cooperative have shared their passion for speculative fiction -- and now they are expanding their audience.

Ann Lovejoy, Northwest gardener and writer, and Paul Hanson, former manager of Eagle Harbor Book Co, founded the supportive group where, under the aegis of science fiction, writers of all sorts hone their skills in fantasy, hard science, horror, slipstream fiction, myth, mystery, and magical realism.

Their 2006 anthology, OBLIQUITY, is imaginative storytelling with, at times, no more than a passing nod to the ordinary norms of science fiction, fantasy or magical realism. Certainly readers can expect to visit the far reaches of outer space and the inner spaces of computerized intelligence, the distant future and the mythical past, but they will also encounter unexplainable forces of nature, non-corporeal life forms, even intergalactic humor, in tales that might not have made their way into more conventional science fiction/fantasy collections.

Their first anthology, OFF THE ECLIPTIC, represents the best (so far) of the short works produced by some of the more regular of the irregular members of the SFWC.

The group meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month at 7pm and welcomes newcomers and drop-ins. For more information, contact the bookstore.


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Published: Tuesday Night Publishing, 3/2006

Fever and Bones by Dan Monk
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Fever & Bones (Paperback)

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Published: Tuesday Night Publishing, 11/2011

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