Full Rip 9.0, with Sandi Doughton

06/23/2013 3:00 pm
06/23/2013 4:00 pm


Seattle Times science reporter Sandi Doughton has written the definitive book on what is expected to be the biggest earthquake in the continental United States, one that some scientists argue it may be overdue. Bainbridge Island author Bruce Barcott will join us to lead a discussion on Full Rip 9.0: The Next Big Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest.


The culprit is the Cascadia subduction zone: a 750-mile-long creeping giant that runs along the Pacific coast from Northern California up to British Columbia. Though the Pacific Northwest has been mostly quiet for hundreds of years, it is capable of producing an earthquake sixty times as powerful as the 1906 quake that flattened San Francisco. It’s a harsh wake-up call for a region previously considered a “seismological backwater” whose earthquake research only began in earnest in the 1980s. Since then, the Pacific Northwest has been the epicenter of some of the world’s most exciting earthquake discoveries.

Doughton delves into the fascinating and often terrifying world of “The Big One.” She introduces readers to the scientists who are dedicated to understanding the way the earth moves and describes what patterns can be identified and how prepared (or not) people are in the region’s urban centers of Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver. 

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