2017 e-Newsletter Archive

2017 e-Newsletter Archive

December 2017 e-News: As we near the end of the year, Dave muses on the magical power of books and highlights some of his favorite picks for the holidays.

November 2017 e-News: The winter holiday season is sprinting towards us! We're happy to help with gift ideas and a few ways to save this season too.

October 2017 e-News: In this month's newsletter, our current Mayor, Val Tollefson, reflects on local politics.

September 2017 e-News: Changes are afoot in our Used Book inventory. We think you'll be happy.

August 2017 e-News: Our one and only Emma says goodbye for now and reflects on her time at Eagle Harbor Books.

July 2017 e-News: June was National LGBT Pride Month. And so, we had a table display of books on the subject with a caption: "Who are the rainbows in your life?" In response, one of our customers left us an anonymous note.

June 2017 e-News: Well, they've changed owners at Eagle Harbor Books, and it's been nearly a year with our new owners in place, Jane and Dave Danielson. While it's true that no one here has been clicking his heels or wearing a busby, changes have been made, and we who work here are used to changes. But what about the new owners?

May 2017 e-News:  Quality magazines often capture a small slice of a bigger story or the sweet telling of a small one. Either way, it's a delight to find a pearl hidden between the covers.

April 2017 e-News:  This quote by the extraordinary poet, Muriel Rukeyser, says it best. Spring has finally arrived. Coming out of the damp and the dark season of introspection, we look forward to light, warmth, renewal, and action. It is time to burst into flower!

March 2017 e-News:  We hope you enjoy this first edition of our new monthly newsletter. This streamlined format will keep you current on bookstore events and promotions, book groups, hot new titles, curated selections from our staff and elsewhere, and topical issues on our island and beyond.