How Communication Works: Creating Win/Win Relationships (Paperback)

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Would You Like to Be an Effective Communicator?

How cool would it be to:

  • Learn the skills that solve any communication problem?
  • Spot the classic obstacles that create a "failure to communicate?"
  • Save a beloved relationship that might be "slipping away?"
  • Go from "lose to cruise" with difficult communication problems?
  • Develop succinct dialogue for "getting on the same page?"
  • Understand the dynamics to mend your Family, Social, and Work relationships?

All these solutions and more are superbly presented in Dr. John Pollard's most recent book, How Communication Works (2021). Presented as a companion volume to his breakthrough classic, How Relationships Work, it dives deep to unpack the mysterious and thorny problems that can haunt the best of relationships.

Dr. John Pollard is the original creator of "inner child work" and since this time has helped thousands of clients understand and facilitate relationship communication. Learn from the world's number one author of SELF-Parenting and How Relationships Work, by taking a deep dive into the ocean of communication understanding.

Positive communication is the #1 skill that ensures relationship success. Learn what causes "real world" relationship problems along with the positive knowledge and skills to solve them. Gain the expertise to diagnose relationships problems quickly and take immediate steps to resolve them. As you apply these skills in the "real world," they become second nature and you will treasure them for life.

Relationship communication is the missing key in self-help today. Written with his unique "everyday yet direct" style, Dr Pollard, reveals example after example of the exact kinds of problems that miscommunication can cause.

This book includes:

  1. A concise introduction to the 6-Steps of Communication.
  2. The classic communication errors that occur during each step and how to solve them.
  3. A variety of questions, templates, and scenarios to understand how communication works
  4. "Real World" tips for the most difficult of communication problems.
  5. A method to quickly clarify any deep relationship problem.
  6. Solutions that apply to "Inner" and "Outer" relationships.
  7. Multiple "real world" examples, profiles, and protocols that banish relationship problems.

Apply these techniques to your life and you will understand every kind of communication problem and what to do about it. Use these methods to achieve lasting win/win results in your Family, Social, and Work relationships.

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ISBN: 9780942055382
ISBN-10: 0942055381
Publisher: Self-Parenting Program
Publication Date: November 27th, 2019
Pages: 170
Language: English