A Book You Need To Lose Yourself In (Paperback)

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Henry Stringer has been both an employed and self-employed joiner for 32 years. He experienced parental divorce very shortly after his birth. The dynamics of growing up in a split family environment were very stressful times; this created many different challenges which inevitably left him with emotional turmoil and unbeknown to himself, lifelong personal mental health difficulties.
This turmoil inevitably had a knock-on effect in many other areas of his life, then in 2000 he went BANG. Sadly, his mental illness was misdiagnosed. However, with huge support, somehow he fought back to what he felt was 'normal'. Then he became a father, and this had a major impact on his illness. Then in 2018 he suffered a bigger BANG Thankfully, this time he was diagnosed correctly with Bipolar Type 2 Disorder, with emotional anxiety/stress. So again he is 'fighting', with huge support and correct professional help, he is understanding and becoming clearer about his own personality/identity.
He wrote these poems VERY unexpectedly from his own personal thoughts, these are now inadvertently aiding his recovery. He is still understanding and coming to terms with his mental health condition and then how to manage it. After very positive comments and encouragements, along with a lot of convincing, they have become this book. He hopes that you too may find these poems helpful.
Open your eyes,
and mind,
to see what you f.
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ISBN: 9781528999342
ISBN-10: 1528999347
Publisher: Austin Macauley
Publication Date: June 30th, 2021
Pages: 138
Language: English