Bibi Lib/E: The Turbulent Life and Times of Benjamin Netanyahu (Compact Disc)

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Israel figures prominently in our political life, and understanding Bibi will be essential to understand Israel. His deep connections to the U.S. coupled with his barely disguised loathing of most American Jews, his convoluted personal life, uncompromising view of what his country must have to survive, and his willingness to directly inject his government into our political system are richly told in this comprehensive biography. The long conflict surrounding Palestine and Gaza and the Israeli internal politics driving that discussion is clear and vivid. It is refreshing to read a book on an individual and an issue about which so few find common ground that lets the facts rather than a political agenda be the focus of the story.

— Dave


A deeply reported biography of the controversial Israeli prime minister, showing that we cannot understand Israel today without first understanding the man who leads it

For many in Israel and elsewhere, Benjamin Netanyahu is anathema, an embarrassment, even a precursor to Donald Trump. But he continues to dominate Israeli public life. How can we explain his rise, his hold on Israeli politics and his outsized role on the world's stage?

In Bibi, journalist Anshel Pfeffer reveals the formative influence of Netanyahu's grandfather and father, who bequeathed to him a brand of Zionism integrating Jewish nationalism and religious traditionalism. Pfeffer argues that we must understand Netanyahu as embodying the triumph of the underdogs in the Zionist enterprise over the secular liberals who founded the nation. As he demonstrates in this penetrating biography, Netanyahu's Israel is a hybrid of ancient phobia and high-tech hope, tribalism and globalism-just like the man himself.

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ISBN: 9781549199097
ISBN-10: 1549199099
Publisher: Hachette Book Group
Publication Date: May 1st, 2018
Language: English