Fauna & Family: An Adventure of the Durrell Family on Corfu (Paperback)

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For those of us who loved Gerald Durrell’s memoir, My Family and Other Animals, this is the last of what might be called the Corfu Trilogy. The book recounts the Durrells’ escape to the Greek island to avoid yet another British winter, and it is delightful. Larry is still wonderfully insufferable. Mother is still harried, put upon and somewhat dotty. Brother Leslie is still ready to shoot at anything that moves. Margo is still self absorbed and Gerry, the youngest, is still curious, still adventurous, and still gathering birds and beasts for his menagerie. This is a refreshing and joyful story, and the chapter describing the various guests at a birthday banquet is in itself more than worth the price of the book ~ Ann

— From Ann


The happy and sunlit childhood of Gerald Durrell, and family, on the Greek island of Corfu. This is how the celebrated world conservation hero got his start.

For the passionate young animal lover, the island in the Ionian Sea was a natural paradise, teeming with strange birds and beasts. As Durrell writes...

"To me, this blue kingdom was a treasure house of strange beasts which I longed to collect and observe, and at first it was frustrating for I could only peck along the shoreline like some forlorn seabird, capturing the small fry in the shallows and occasionally being tantalized by something mysterious and wonderful cast up on the shore. But then I got my boat, the good ship Bootle Bumtrinket, and so the whole of this kingdom was opened up for me, from the golden red castles of rock and their deep pools and underwater caves in the north to the long, glittering white sand dunes lying like snowdrifts in the south."

For fans of the PBS Masterpiece series, The Durrells in Corfu, and fans of memoirs from a vanished time--including attitudes very different from our own--this is a book to treasure.
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ISBN: 9781567924411
ISBN-10: 1567924417
Publisher: Nonpareil Books
Publication Date: August 13th, 2012
Pages: 224
Language: English