For Bea: The Story of the Beagle Who Changed My Life (Hardcover)

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Harried from recent changes in her life, the last thing Kristin von Kreisler needed was another dog. But when she came upon Bea, a scrawny beagle abandoned by the roadside, she couldn't turn her away. Bea became part of her family, and changed it forever.

Disheveled, malnourished, and terrified of human contact, for months Bea seemed damaged beyond repair. But gradually, she began to trust von Kreisler. After resisting her touch again and again, the dog one day leaned in and nuzzled von Kreisler's neck. From that moment, Bea began to give love as well as receive it. With the typically unforgettable personality of a beagle, over the next decade and a half she taught von Kreisler the value of living utterly in the present, of meeting each day with a good bark, of going on in life without being dragged down by past grief.

Written with rare eloquence and down-to-earth wit, this memoir of Bea and von Kreisler's 15-year love story will charm "beaglers" and touch the heart of anyone who's ever loved a dog. Bibliography.

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ISBN: 9781585422227
Publisher: Tarcher
Publication Date: April 28th, 2003
Pages: 208