Bipolar Basics: : Unpacking the Nuances and Understanding Solutions (Paperback)

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Do you have bipolar disorder? Or has a friend or family member just been diagnosed? If you want to understand bipolar disorder better, want to help someone with BP, or just want to find out more, then this book is for you Bipolar disorder is complex and can easily be mistaken for other mental health conditions. This book will help you understand the signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder, how it affects you, and how it differs from other illnesses.

It also contains information on the latest treatments-medication and non-medication. It also discusses aspects of living with bipolar disorder that are seldom openly discussed. If you have bipolar disorder, this book will help you talk about your experiences, communicate better with your friends and family-and ask for help when you need it. Take control of bipolar disorder by gaining a deeper understanding of it and knowing what warning signs to look out for.

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ISBN: 9781736650905
ISBN-10: 1736650904
Publisher: Marks Psychiatry
Publication Date: July 1st, 2021
Pages: 104
Language: English