Show Me the Honey: Adventures of an Accidental Apiarist (Paperback)

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By Dave Doroghy, Rick Hansen (Foreword by)
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The light went on as I watched a proud grandson selling honey from his sidewalk stand that he had collected from his dad’s hive. Figuring that creating my own hive might ramp me up in his eyes, I turned to this book. If a guy living on a houseboat in the Fraser River just south of Vancouver who knew nothing about anything beyond the ability to tell a good story could succeed as a beekeeper, so could I. Even if you have no interest in scratching your inner apiarist, read this book to learn about the fascinating world of bees from Doroghy’s keen eye, or just to enjoy the absurd adventures of living with thousands of bees on a houseboat. 

— From Dave


"If you think beekeeping is a quick and easy shortcut to wealth, this book will set you straight. . ." --New York Times

A lighthearted, self-deprecating account of one fledgling beekeeper's misadventures. With wit and warning in equal measure, this informative, refreshingly honest narrative will resonate with any new beekeeper.

When Dave Doroghy's sister gave him 15,000 honey bees as a Christmas gift, his practical knowledge of beekeeping would have fit on the proverbial backend of an Apis mellifera. He spent the next two years learning everything he needed to know to keep that beehive alive and well--he attended a beekeeping conference, joined a bee club, and even went to bee school. But bad things still happened--he sustained multiple stings, wasps attacked his hive, he fought an ongoing battle with killer varroa mites, and even lost his queen--twice

In Show Me the Honey Doroghy recounts his often tension-filled misadventures in beekeeping with self-deprecating humour and lightheartedness. Whether it's the impending chaos of transferring tens of thousands of insects to an outyard, the horror of discovering bees on the inside of his beekeeping suit, or just wondering if he will end up with even an ounce of honey for all his efforts, Doroghy shares the joy, the surprises, and the less-acknowledged financial sting of keeping bees. Above all, he relishes in the details of keeping a hive and getting to know the fascinating little creatures that inhabit those mysterious wooden boxes.

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ISBN: 9781771513227
ISBN-10: 1771513225
Publisher: Touchwood Editions
Publication Date: April 28th, 2020
Pages: 320
Language: English