Nonverbal Communication: How Reading Nonverbal Communication Can Help You Win at Life Universal Language, interpersonal, Become, Analyze People (Paperback)

Nonverbal Communication: How Reading Nonverbal Communication Can Help You Win at Life Universal Language, interpersonal, Become, Analyze People Cover Image
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Learn How To Analyze & Persuade People To Do Exactly What You Want

No, we are not talking about magic potions or spells that will turn people into zombies.

What you are about to learn is a set of very particular skills. Skills that you can practice and learn how to persuade people into doing what you want them to do.

Warning You Have To Use These Skills Responsibly - With Great Manipulation Skills, Comes Great Responsibility

When was the last time you made someone do what you want? Was it persuading your kids to clean up their room? Was it convincing your husband/wife to watch the movie you had chosen? Was it selling that brand new product to a potential customer?

Try to remember that feeling. Felt good, right? That's our goal

You are here to learn how to enjoy the same feeling of confidence and supreme self-esteem by understanding how to turn yourself into someone who makes offers that people cannot refuse.

Are You Ready?

Discover The Ultimate Human Psychology, Human Behavior & Persuasion Guide For People Who Want To Stand Out From The Crowd

In this eye-opening persuasion book, you will be able to:

  • UNDERSTAND Human Behaviors & Human Instincts
  • LEARN How To Analyze People
  • DEVELOP Strategies To Enhance Critical Thinking

What's In It For You?

By the end of this game-changing human behavior and manipulation book, you will have the essential skills needed to:

  • BECOME A Good Conversationalist & Maintain Positive Body Language
  • SUPPORT Behavioral Challenges In Children Exposed To Trauma
  • MASTER Top-Down Thinking And Content-Representation Skills

And The Best Part?

Now you don't have to waste hours searching online, watching endless tutorials and documentaries or reading multiple articles or books in order to learn everything you might need in order to sharpen your persuasion skills and make people do what you want - as if it was their OWN idea.

Educated A Memoir will provide you with:

  • IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS Of Human Behaviors And The Necessary Skills
  • EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES To Avoid Common Mistakes
  • PROVEN METHODS That Will Help You Persuade And Manipulate People.

Do You Know Someone Who Could Use This Book?

Surprise your loved ones with this all-inclusive guide on how to analyze, understand and persuade people. This human behavior book is ideal for everyone - including salespersons, waiters, business managers, entrepreneurs, parents, educators, law enforcement officers, HR professionals and anyone who wants to develop a brand new set of skills

Just Remember You Have To Use Your Superpowers Of Persuasion For Good

What Are You Waiting For?

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Publication Date: November 1st, 2020
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