Gaslighting recovery workbook (Paperback)

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Gaslighting Recovery Workbook, Find a way out

This book it is full of concrete and actionable steps to break you out of the effects of gaslighting and help you live life anew

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Have you ever feel like..

  • no longer feeling like the person you used to be
  • being more anxious and less confident than you used to be
  • often wondering if you're being too sensitive
  • feeling like everything you do is wrong
  • always thinking it's your fault when things go wrong
  • apologizing often
  • having a sense that something's wrong, but being unable to identify what it is
  • often questioning whether your response to your partner is appropriate (e.g., wondering if you were too unreasonable or not loving enough)
  • making excuses for your partner's behavior
  • avoiding giving information to friends or family members to avoid confrontation about your partner
  • feeling isolated from friends and family
  • finding it increasingly hard to make decisions
  • feeling hopeless and taking little or no pleasure in activities you used to enjoy

With this book, you can...

  • Understanding Gaslighting and Those Who Use It
  • Am I Experiencing Gaslighting? What Next?
  • Building Distance and Healthy Boundaries
  • Self-Care After Gaslighting
  • Building a Support System
  • Coping With Grief From Gaslighting
  • Establishing Standards
  • Rebuilding Self-Trust
  • Finding Emotional Release
  • Seeking Help

Start your liberation journey.
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ISBN: 9781801143486
ISBN-10: 180114348X
Publisher: Lore Radic
Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
Pages: 84
Language: English