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Are you seeking to improve your interpersonal skills, become more persuasive, and establish successful relationships?

Then this is just the book for you. Poor social skills can cost you a lot. You can miss out on some great opportunities when you don't have the guts to approach those in positions of influence and power-or worse-you do manage to approach them, only to make a poor impression.

Most people whose exquisite conversational skills you admire were, at some point, where you are today. But they have learned these skills-and so can you-by practicing them over and over. This is your opportunity to start your journey

This book will equip you with a wide range of communication skills that you can use at home, at the office, and in social settings-even with strangers. The guidelines given are simple and straightforward, so you can start practicing them right away

You may have previously tried other techniques to improve your skills, but since you're here right now, perhaps they did not work. What makes this book different? Well, hours of comprehensive research have gone into writing it-we have looked into the character traits of some of the best conversationalists, public speakers, orators, and persuaders, AND...

We studied the things that they did over the years to get them there.

Here, we bring you a simplified version of the same, so that you can see how you can attain these skills, too. We have covered a diverse array of topics that touch on various features of communication.

The topics covered include:

- Mastering the Art of Conversation

- Enhancing your Verbal Dexterity

- Improving your Personality for Quality Conversation

- Empathic Listening

- Better Communication for Better Relationships

- Communicating with Difficult People

- Dealing with Skeptics

- Overcoming Shyness and Social Anxiety

- Mastering your Public Speaking Skills

- Honing your Personality for Business Success

And More...

All this information is packaged for you in this compact book so that you can excel at communication in all areas of your life.

If you're in business, especially in marketing-this was formulated with YOU in mind You will learn how you can optimize your personality to attain success in business. You will also receive plenty of tips on how to handle difficult people, such as irate customers.

On the art of persuasion-do you want people to listen to you when you market your products to them? How do you convert that casual onlooker into a paying client? We have outlined persuasion techniques that have worked for world-class marketers.

This book aims to improve your life by strengthening your relationships. By demonstrating to you how to converse with the various people in your social and work life, we hope to achieve that goal.

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ISBN: 9781801206471
ISBN-10: 1801206473
Publisher: Eva Publishing Ltd
Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
Pages: 148
Language: English