Ready, Set, Grit: Three Steps To Success in Life, Business & The Pursuit of Happiness (Paperback)

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Have you always known you were destined to achieve MORE from life, but haven't known where to start?

Ready, Set, Grit is your guide to identifying what you want out of life and how to get it. Whether you are just getting started in your career, reinventing yourself, or looking to break through barriers in your business, you MUST master the three tenets of this book:

  • Mindset - learning how to crush your own self-limiting beliefs
  • Foundation - preparing for success by creating your support system and framework
  • Action - taking action and practicing GRIT helps to stack the odds in your favor

Learn what is holding you back and how to rewire your thinking so that you can move forward and step into your full potential and turn your dreams into reality.

Excerpt from Ready, Set, Grit:

Have you ever heard the rumblings of your soul?

Maybe it begins as more of a whisper than a rumble, but it's the kind of whisper that grabs your attention, if even for a fleeting moment. Perhaps you hear it when you're in the middle of doing the dishes or driving the kids to school. Or while you're in line checking out at the supermarket or at night when you're drifting off to sleep. This type of whisper can seductively appear at the most unexpected moments. You could be sitting in traffic, running on the treadmill or working on that big report for your boss.

The timing may catch you off guard, but this is different from your ordinary, run of the mill whisper. This one is the kind that infiltrates your thoughts, tugging at them insistently until they turn into full-on daydreams.

It draws you towards something and excites you, making your spine tingle. When you allow yourself to imagine the possibilities you feel joy, peace and a sense of belonging. This voice is not easily silenced, which tells you that the message is coming from deep within yourself. When you're quiet enough to hear it, you'll begin to be drawn into alignment with your life's purpose.

Kids are particularly skilled at hearing this voice, and at knowing - and acting upon - whatever will bring them joy in any particular moment. Whether they're inspired to put on a puppet show, build the world's most awesome Lego structure, or experiment with Mom's makeup, you need look no further than your average 5-year-old if you want to see someone who's following their bliss.

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ISBN: 9781913479954
ISBN-10: 1913479951
Publisher: That Guys House
Publication Date: September 20th, 2021
Pages: 180
Language: English