On an Acre Shy of Eternity, with Robert Dash


Eagle Harbor Book Company is happy to welcome environmentalist and photographer Robert Dash when he gives a presentation on his book On an Acre Shy of Eternity: Micro Landscapes at the Edge. Dash will be at the store on Thursday, Oct. 19, at 7pm

In this sumptuous photo book, Dash takes nature exploration to new depthsHe views the mystery of this land -- all his pictures were taken at or near his home on the Salish Sea -- as one might read a book, promoting a visual, poetic, and ecological literacy that he calls “locavore art and ecology”– the art, science and discovery that beckons in one’s own front yard. Over a three-year period he traveled from bluff to tree, feather to seed on a near-acre of forest, meadow and cliff shouldering the Salish Sea. Using metaphors, a camera, and a scanning electron microscope, Dash features beauty at scales ranging from craters on the moon to grains of pollen a few thousandths of an inch wide.  

"A joyful, deeply insightful multi-scalar love story of verbal and visual poetry."  -- Photographer and filmaker Chris Jordan

Robert Dash is an American photographer and educator whose images focus on the complex textures of micro-landscapes. His work has been published by National Geographic, TIME, The Week and Lensculture, and has appeared in galleries and juried shows in America and overseas. In March, 2016, he presented a TEDx talk entitled "The Intercourse of Nature: It's What We Are." 



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Thursday, October 19, 2017 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
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