The Great Unconformity, with Kate Toll


Join us in meeting Alaska author Kate Troll when she talks about her book The Great Unconformity: Reflections on Hope in an Imperiled World. Troll will be at EHBC on Sunday, Oct. 22, at 3pm.

Part adventure, part memoir, part policy and always exciting, The Great Unconformity, takes a fun fast-paced tour of environmental, political, and spiritual issues surrounding sustainability and climate change. Kate Troll, sometimes called "the Naomi Klein of Alaska," fills her colorful stories with humor, wisdom and hope for a brighter future.

With an eye toward the millennial generation, Troll wraps her stories with the wisdom of recognized global thinkers. From climbing Denali in Alaska to running the Grand Canyon in winter, Troll's stories take you on an intriguing journey of discovery and inspiration. Sprinkled in between are her insights gained from more than 20 years in fish politics, coastal management, and energy policy. Never far behind is the voice of an activist on the frontline of climate change, and her sense of wonder that comes from living among wilderness.

Through Troll's examination of events we see clearly that mankind is an evolutionary force, the great disruptive unconformity. However, through her stories and insights we learn than creativity is also an evolutionary force, the great awareness unconformity. Which great unconformity will win out as the world races toward the two degree danger benchmark set by climate scientists around the world? Want to be inspired and guided on how to be part of the great awareness unconformity? Read the book as Troll is an important new voice to the now-or-never discussion on sustainability and climate change. Combining her vast Alaskan experience with her international and national work, Troll shows in her book that there is indeed hope - worldwide climate change can be tackled.


Kate Troll, a long-time Alaskan, has more than 22 years' experience in fisheries, coastal management, and climate and energy policy. She's been elected to local office twice. Kate is currently a regular columnist for the Alaska Dispatch News. In between, she climbs mountains, kayaks among whales, runs wild rivers, and writes screenplays.


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Sunday, October 22, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
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