Natural Bainbridge

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Discover Bainbridge Island’s natural wonders through this engaging and beautiful new book that beckons you to explore and safeguard our exquisite preserves, protected spaces, and parks.

Produced by a small volunteer team of longtime islanders and Bainbridge Island Land Trust supporters, this rich volume delights with useful facts, and stories of the splendid lands and waters of our island home. Inside you will find:

-48 full-color pages packed with original illustration, images by island photographers, and quotes from local authors

-Lively narrative provides insights into our shoreline, stream, wetland, and forest habitats

-A must-have volume for residents and newcomers

-All proceeds support the Bainbridge Island Land Trust

Bainbridge Island Land Trust
Price: $19.99
Publication Date: 
July 2019
Bainbridge Island Land Trust