Snaketown: a novella

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by Kathleen Wakefield

Winner, 2007 Ruthanne Wiley Memorial Novella Contest
Selected by Steve Lattimore

Snaketown tells of a place that captivates and holds hostage, a
place hermitic and congenital like the families that populate it. It
tells the story of heredity and tragedy; how evil can magnetize
as mightily as beauty, how a family, nostalgic for past times— devastating times—can revise damaging, damning memory; how
the familiar should never be trusted.

"Snaketown is a shocking achievement. It's a vision carved in jagged, searing, native prose from the bleak landscape of the American psyche. It's the story of a crumbling community clinging to a rock, its people flawed and haunted and kin to us all. It's an experience so vivid, so terrifying, so compelling, I fear part of me will be stuck there forever. It's also a work of rare beauty. It's art and storytelling of the highest order."

—Steve Lattimore, author of Circumnavigation

Kathleen Wakefield is a lyricist who began her songwriting career at Motown Records. She has worked in film and television with composers that include Academy Award winners Michel Colombier, Vangelis, and Gabriel Yared. Her stories have appeared in such journals as The Alaska Quarterly, Black River Review, The New Press, Salmagundi, Tabula Rasa, and West Branch. She lives in Los Angeles, and the Pacific Northwest, where she is working on another novella, and a play in two acts.

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