Fundraising through In-Store Bookfairs

Eagle Harbor Book Co. wants to support readers at your school or non-profit organization AND provide you with much-needed dollars through our In-Store Book Fair Program.


Here's how it works:

  1. Your organization picks an evening from a list of those available and we donate a percentage of sales during that time to your group.
  2. The book fair will take place during normal business hours, so your group will receive a percentage of regular sales during that time period as well.
  3. The book fair sale and donation will also apply to books not in store that are ordered and pre-paid for by customers during the book fair.


Heres what we will do to promote the event:

  1. Announce it in our email newsletter.
  2. Prepare a downloadable poster for your use advertising the sale.
  3. Put a sign at our cash registers the day of the sale.
  4. Make an in store display advertising the sale using book reviews and recommendations supplied by your students and/or staff.
  5. Will include it on our store calendar both in print and online.
  6. After the event, your group will receive store credit or a check for 20% of each sale made during the time of the book fair.


Here's what we ask you to do in preparation for the event:

  1. Advertise it to your members through enewsletters, newsletters, website, Facebook, Twitter…whatever means you have at your disposal.
  2. Let us know if you would like to arrange for special promotions in conjunction with the book fair (e.g. will you be providing refreshments, entertainment, a special theme?