Teen Advisory Board

Next Meeting: Sunday, June 30 at 4:30 pm
@ Eagle Harbor Book Co.

Are you interested in joining the Eagle Harbor Book Company’s Teen Advisory Board (TAB)?

We are thrilled to give students (aged 13 - 19) the opportunity to read upcoming YA titles before they are on the shelf and talk to the booksellers at our store about what books YOU like to read. We meet once a month at Eagle Harbor Books, where TAB members talk to each other about their latest reads, check out books (free!), and share reviews. Most meetings last 30 - 45 minutes. We will play with the schedule, based on individual needs. We will also set up a private Facebook group to keep in touch with you and each other.

Here are some basics.  TAB members will be encouraged to read as many ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) as you like (and have time for – we know school work comes first!). Each TAB member can check out up to three ARCs at a time. You’ll find available books in our special nook for TAB behind the counter.  You can stop by any time the store is open to check out and return any ARCs – you just have to remember to enter them in our TAB log book anf let someone at the counter know you're there.

We don’t expect members to attend every month, but you do need to attend a minimum of five meetings during the year, and to “check in” with us when you check out books.

What do we want in return? Your opinion!  Of the books you are reading, on what books and authors we should carry in the store, of what you’d like to see for teens at Eagle Harbor Books! To be a TAB member in good standing, we must receive at least one book “blurb” (mini review) each month on the books you check out – more is even better. ARCs are books that are not yet released and on the shelf, so you get to see the hottest books before everyone else.  And your opinion may help shape how those books are marketed.

Your short reviews (3-5 sentences/100 words or less) will be used in our store, on our website and in our newsletters, and we will forward them to publishers and the authors.  Believe us, your views will be listened to and shared. And authors often send a note back, and share the reviews on their website and social media. We also hope to involve TAB members in author events and other activities at the store, when available.

What do you need to do to join?

All applicants for TAB must send us a sample review of a young adult book that you have recently read. Tell us how it made you feel, did it keep you up at night, did it surprise you or make you think about a new issue? Make your blurb zing, something that would let other readers know why they should read the book.

We will also need you name, grade, school, and what your favorite genres are, last book you read, and most recent favorite book. Please send these to jennad@eagleharborbooks.com, with the “TAB application” in the subject line. We currently have openings for TAB members and will contact you.

Thanks for your interest! Hope to hear from you soon!