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Active School and Organization Wish Lists:

Sonoji Sakai Intermediate School

Psychology Reads for BHS Students


You can create a personal wish list, or a list for a school or community organization or non-profit! Here's how:

Create a wish list for yourself or to share with friends or family. For personal lists, only people who have been sent the link or who know your email address will be able to see your list. Public wish lists can be created and shared on this page by request. You (or your organization) must be registered and signed in to our website to create a wish list or purchase from someone else’s list.

Create a list by choosing a book you would like and clicking on the title. Click the 'Add to wish list' button. Once you’ve added the first title you can manage your list by going to 'My Account' at the top of the page and clicking on 'Manage Wish list'. From here you can click on Wish list settings to name your list (Ex. Sarah’s birthday, Jill’s and John’s wedding, Mrs. Carter’s kindergarten library, etc.), set a date for it to expire, and change quantities or remove titles. When someone buys a title from your list that information will be reflected on the list to avoid duplication.

To email your list to friends or family, click on Email your wish list and change the subject line and outgoing message to whatever you like.

Example: Dear family, Thanks for shopping for my birthday at my favorite independent bookstore. Thanks, Sarah

Then add 10 email addresses at a time, separated by commas, and you’re done!